Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Win an MC spot with Sepalot (hey...that rhymes, this shit is easy!)

Change feat. Fashawn (add your 16bars version) by SEPALOT

Yeah, yeah, wan two, chek, chek, mic chek...er...a biggity biggity bong...yep MC Baron in da house...well...loft actually...wassup you hos and bros? Oh dear. I guess my chances of MC superstardom are pretty much the same as the survival of the Euro eh (economic satire and hip hop all in the same couple of lines...Private Eye eat your heart out). But, for all you budding mic abusers out there, German producer Sepalot is extending the hand of friendship by offering you the chance to add a verse to his forthcoming single, Chasing Clouds. Who needs Simon Cowell eh? All you’ve got to do is head over to the SoundCloud link (handily placed above), download the track and add your verse (lordy knows how you do that but I guess if you’re clever enough to ‘spit n’flow’ (whatever the hell that means) I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Either that or you can head over to Sepalot’s place (29 Rumplestrausen Autobahn, Berlin) and shout through his letterbox. He won’t mind. Mrs Sepalot might get a bit pissy, but that’s the rap game for you.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT Track!