Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dimbleby & Capper ‘Choose Your Head’ (mini album)

D&C Choose Your Head mini album by Dimbleby & Capper

Lucky enough to catch Dimbleby & Capper (actually usually just one person...neither of whom are called Dimbleby or Capper...she’s called Laura) at Saint Saviour’s criminally under-attended gig in April I’ve been looking out for an album of some kind for a while now. And here it is. It’s a dinky one, just 7 tracks (one’s a remix and one’s a cover too) but it neatly captures the D&C vibe, edgy pop with a nod to such luminaries as Fever Fever/The Knife, Siouxsie and the Banshees and sound mentalist Mr Phil Spector.

I believe it’s a bit of a homespun production, recorded in her boudoir, which matters not a jot these days. Incredible to think the sort of kit that would’ve cost more than the GDP of a small country a few years ago is available to pretty much everyone eh? Whilst a lot of bedroom experimentation deserves to stay there however, this half a dozen or so tracks are screaming out for a much, much wider audience. From the scuzzed up (and ever so slightly deranged) infatu-anthem Let You Go to the more tribalistic Raise It Right (shades of Adam and the Ants style Burundi drumming in there) and on to a delightfully lo-fi cover of The Crystals Then He Kissed Me, the whole thing crackles with the same kind of infectious energy and invention you’ll find in one of D&C’s 'must see' live shows. It’s like sex for yer ears. Scrummy stuff.

You can listen to the D&C EP on the SoundCloud thingy above or, for the real deal, why not buy a hard copy, hand numbered by the house of D&C and featuring “a semi clad headless women and a variety of three interchangeable animal heads”.

PS: Here's a video too...I know...I'm spoiling you...

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