Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Chill comes the sun!

The Big Chill’s got a pretty good track record when it comes to the sunshine, especially when Norman Jay hits the decks in his traditional (and legendary)Sunday slot. Ahhhhhh...heaven! This year the weather seems to be warming up nicely for another hot one, but even if it piddles it down (no chance...seriously...I’ve sorted it) the line up’s one of the best so far. On top of the biggies, Kanye W, Jessie J and Chemical B(ros) there’s a whole bunch of other ‘must see’ treats. Here’s my pick of (some of) the best of the rest:

Wild Beasts

Purveyors of one of the most gorgeous singles of the year (Bed Of Nails) Kendal's finest continue to tingle the spine and tickle the fancy with their lush dream pop/post punk cocktail. Mine's a large one.

Hercules & Love Affair

21st century disco kings/queens Hercules & Love Affair will bring a large dose of Noo Yawk cool to the Chill. If Anthony Hegarty shows up to do Blind I may well spontaneously combust with excitement. Either way their show will be GLAM to the max.

Femi Kuti & The Positive Force

With Fela Kuti (the godfather of Afrobeat)doing his thing up in the heavens his oldest son, Femi, is carrying on the family business in fine style. Can music get much more joyous than this? I doubt it.

Ladi 6

The name might be new over here but Ladi 6 has been wowing audiences back in her native New Zealand and across the US as part of the fat Freddy's Drop crew. A real deal rapper with a soulful twist. See, I've resisted the urge to say she has '6 appeal' too...oh...bugger.

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings

The undisputed queen of soul n'funk (in my eyes at least) Sharon Jones takes it back to the old school with the kind of pure, raw passion that most singers would swap their grannies for. It's also a little known fact that her band, The Dap Kings, provided much of the musical muscle for Amy Winehouse's Back To Black. A tribute number from Sharon and the band could well be on the cards. Now how special would that be eh?


Winning the 'Shit, Where Did That Come From' Award for 2011, Metronomy have released the album of their career this year with the instant pop classic The English Riviera. I couldn't just post one of their tracks, so here's another one...filmed in Torbay.

So, there you have it. Just a few picks from a Big Chill that's stuffed full of musical loveliness. See you by the cider bus...

PS: I think tickets are still available but, as ever, I'd get in now if you want to be sure of getting in.


thebobbydazzler said...

I've just been speaking with Kevin and he said he'd try his hardest to hook up with you at this years Chill.
Good luck.

The Baron said...

Oh you just couldn't resist it could you eh? I'm surprised you didn't try posting 'that' photo too. One day...

Cider bus, Friday lunchtime, about it Mr Rowland? (I know he reads this).