Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming soon...July 31st to be precise...the very first Bearwood Shuffle!

Regular readers might remember my ruminations on the lack of live music in my ‘hood, Bearwood, earlier in the year. At the time a group of us got together and planned to put on some nights at a local pub but...for various reasons...that idea kind of fizzled out. Things evolved though and now we’re putting on something a little different...the Bearwood Shuffle (the name’s inspired by the somewhat eclectic musical genres we want to put on)!

So, on the afternoon of Sunday 31st July we’re taking over the bandstand in the recently liberated (from the dastardly clutches of Birmingham City Council) Lightwoods Park and putting on 7...yep...7 (7...really? are we going to fit ‘em all in?)...local bands. There’ll be singer songwriters, some indie rock, cigar box blues, death metal (well maybe not...unless someone plugs the wrong lead into the power supply...which is a distinct possibility) and, best of all, it’s FREE, gratis and for nothing. Hurrah!

There’s no grand plan (seriously...) behind all this but we’re hoping to run some more if the first one’s a success (hopefully we can get Aziz and Dal – see the review below – along one day) so if you’re interested in playing drop a line to

See you on the 31st!

PS: The Shuffle's on Facebook and Twitter you do.

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