Thursday, January 17, 2019

Slowthai - Doorman

Music's a funny thing. A lot of what passes for 'cool' these days makes me want to rip off my own ears and feed 'em to a pack of rabid dogs but this track has enough of a punky swagger to float what's left of my boat. This is a rather well pulled off live (well, live-ish) version too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pardesi Music Machine - Pump Up The Bhangra

A bit of a Facebook 'chat' about this article reminded me of buying a tape at a Mela at Cannon Hill Park waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the 80s. I've somehow mislaid it over the years but here's a bit of a mix from the album. Great stuff eh? Enjoy!

Friday, January 11, 2019

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (Funkmaster Flex in da mix)

Back to last weekend's CD haul for this week's Friday Banger and a remix of DJ Kool's classic Let Me Clear My Throat. Picked this up for 33p, seven versions on a Maxi CD single too. Bargain.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever

Picked up another small mountain of CDs at the weekend for as little as 33p each. As I've banged on about many times before the CD revival is just around the corner people. Here's why:

- CDs sound better than downloads...and they're often a lot cheaper these days too.

- You can't stick a bunch of downloads on your shelf and go "Ooooh pretty" or show off your crap/weird taste to your mates or that person you want to cop off with.

- Apple/Microsoft/Spotify can't decide to block access to the tunes that you've already paid for or suddenly start charging a fortune to listen to stuff.

- CDs remind us of a time before the ruddy internet which, lets face it, is doing more to screw up the human race than pretty much any invention ever.

- Unlike vinyl CDs are pretty resilient, they don't take a huge amount of expensive kit to play but they still have a little book of lyrics and pretty pictures to look through.

- If you don't buy CDs they'll end up in a landfill and all the ickle baby penguins will die.

I know, I know...streaming/downloading is more convenient blah blah blah but, in the words of Mr Liam Lynch, whose CD single I bought on Saturday, I'm like...whatever.

Friday, January 04, 2019

Chop Suey baroques...

Psssss...ever wanted to hear System Of A Down's epic Chop Suey played on a Baroque Grand piano? Yes, me too. Settle down with a cup of tea/coffee/chop suey and enjoy.

PS: Just in case you've not heard the original in all its glory here you go. You're welcome.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Art Of Noise - Close To The Edit

Happy New Year dear reader and welcome to the 14th...good grief...year of The Hearing Aid. Okay so my posts these days tend to consist of roughly 16 words but never mind the quantity feel the quality eh? Hmmmm. Anyway hopefully this year I'll make it to slightly more gigs than I did in 2018 which, given that I only really made it to 2 (plus a couple of festivals) shouldn't be too tricky.

As per usual Christmas at Baron Towers was spent in a haze of gin, wine, yule log cream and artery blocking food but we did venture out to the chazzas and predictably came back with yet more CDs including a double from the rather wonderful and underrated Art Of Noise which only came out a few months ago. Presumably the buyer just uploaded the whole shebang to his/her/their ruddy smart phone or laptop and didn't need the original. Suits me.

PS: Sad to hear about HMV, inevitable but still incredibly sad. It looks unlikely that anyone will step in to save it this time, especially as the last lot (a 'vulture' fund called Hilco) seemingly took £50million out of the business over the past few years. I really do fear for the future of music. Sure there will always be great bands and artists out there but who the hell will be able to afford to pursue music as a 'career' when a million hits on You Tube only nets you enough for a single stick of gum? The result? A music biz controlled by one or two massive corporations, a handful of manufactured acts releasing tunes genetically modified to appeal to as many people as possible for roughly one week before the next comes along and a live scene that withers away to nothingness leaving just enormodomes playing host to holograms of long dead performers playing the hits to a crowd videoing the whole thing on their phones. The internet really does have a lot to answer for when you think about it.