Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Festival frenzy...

Still not taken the plunge and bought tickets to a festival yet? Relax (but not for too long...they’re all selling out now) there’s still time and I reckon three in particular are well worth checking out.

Firstly, this weekend, it’s Off The Cuff time. This isn’t a camping festival (unless you fancy pitching a tent in the Bull Ring), but it is three days stuffed full of some of the most exciting, energy fuelled bands around. Check out the line up and just cop a listen to some of the bands on offer. Whoo, and indeed, hoo!

Then, a couple of weeks after Off The Cuff (August 5-7th), it's The Big Chill. Hurrah!

The Chill’s one of my favourite festivals. Big enough to attract some great names (this year they’ve landed Jessie J and Kanye West) but compact enough to get from one end of the site to the other without requiring oxygen, pack horses and the services of Mr Bear Grylls. They even have the legendary Burrow Hill Cider Bus - much beloved of Glastonbury regulars.

Finally, the following week, you’ve got what promises to be one of the most exciting new additions to the festival season dahlings, Wilderness.

There’ll be music, chat, great food, sweat lodges...yep...sweat lodges. How many other festivals might potentially give you the chance to end up talking bollocks to the outsider artists’ outsider artist Daniel Johnston at 2am...in a sweat lodge, naturally.

NB: I’m not promising Mr Johnston will be in a sweat lodge at 2am but who knows eh? If it's going to happen anywhere it'll happen at Wilderness.

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