Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frankmusik @ The Rainbow, Wednesday 13th July 2011

There’s a lot more to Frankmusik (aka Vincent Turner/Frank) than meets the ears. Sure he’s released some great pop tracks of his own so far (Better Off As 2 and 3 Little Words rank as some of the best pop tunes of the last 20 years) but he’s also something of a producer (he’s just finished working on the new one from Erasure), remixer (notching up mixes for everyone from La Gaga to the Pet Shop Boys) and fearless traveller (a few years back he hitched cross the UK from impromptu gig to impromptu gig, relying purely on the kindness of strangers...and somehow avoiding being kidnapped and turned into Frankmusik-furters). Most recently he’s been trying out his luck in the US and beavering away on his new album, some of which we got to hear for the first time tonight.

A week’s a long time in pop these days so two years (the gap between his albums) is an eternity, which explains this relatively low key gig (part of a mini tour) at The Rainbow, tonight enhanced by an impressive stage set up.

It’s not often bands put such an effort into this kind of thing on small tours but on top of some fancy neon signs and a lit up mic stand we were treated to a rather atmospheric back drop too (plus enough dry ice to hide Everest).

Sure makes a change from a brick wall. When the new album’s out in September somehow I can’t imagine you’ll get a chance to get as up close and personal again. The break’s clearly been good for him, tonight was a fun and Frank-tic run through nearly 20 tracks in an hour, the kind of run rate you’d normally only find at a hardcore or Japanese mentalists gig. It worked though, with Frankmusik bouncing around the stage and firing off one fizzy burst of pop after another all over the faithful.

The biggies (3 Little Words, Better Off As 2 and Confusion Girl) were scattered nicely in amongst the new stuff. Out of this trinity Better Off As 2 was neatly re-energised with a lovely burst of trumpet. God I love a bit of trumpet. Any brass instrument in fact. It’s the one thing that a lot of 80’s pop had by the bucket load but few bands use these days. Shame. More of this please Mr Musik! The new songs stood up really well against the more familiar material. There’s a more R&B feel to some of the tracks (the result of his Stateside sojourn no doubt),albeit a more European version, best heard on No ID which is pretty much guaranteed to be blasted from beach bars all summer long. It’ll no doubt be joined by new single Do It In The AM, the last track of the night and yet another slice of effortlessly addictive pop that should get people drooling for the album. No encore, instead a heartfelt thanks from Frankmusik to the faithful who’d turned up to support him. Hey, our pleasure my friend (feel the love people...).

Vincent hung around at the end of the show to chat to the fans, pose for photos, press the flesh and all that palaver, revealing himself to be an all round super nice guy too.

I’ve no doubt the new album will be massive (from what we heard tonight it deserves to be) but given his knack for penning classic pop (which ain’t as easy as you’d think) I get the feeling that his work as a producer and remixer in the future could be just as important (can’t wait to hear what he’s done with Erasure). For now though, yep...I can’t resist it...Frank you for the Musik.


Frankmusik said...

Thanks mate for the good review. I appreciate that ;)


The Baron said...

Hi Vince! My pleasure. Had a great time. Hope everything goes well over the next few weeks with the album launch build up (and everything else we chatted about last night). Hope to see you again soon.

Bethan Gaunt said...

Its Bethan. I met you at the gig and spoke to you a lot :) I've read your blog and its so true, amazing night and I can't wait for his new album. Just wondering though did you put the pictures up of me my friend and Vincent you took near the end of the night? :)

The Baron said...

Hi Bethan,

Only just spotted your comment! Sorry for not replying sooner. I think I do have a picture or two of you with Vincent. I'll dig it out and post it up here so you can grab a copy!

@rebelmicstands said...

Hey, cool review and thanks for mentioning Vince's Rebel custom mic stand. He looks great in action with it, his album is gonna be huge!

The Baron said...

Loved the mic stand! More people should make that extra effort with stuff like this. I'll pass on your details to anyone looking for something a little different!