Monday, May 10, 2010

Templeton ‘Pek’ (...pek...pick...geddit?) the Flapper to launch new album!

Yep, as well as making a comeback in the new A Team film the ‘Faceman’ aka Templeton Peck...oh hang’s Templeton Pek...ahh that makes a lot more sense...are playing a show at the Flapper to promote their new single which will be available as a FREE (yes, my favourite word again) download. Seeing as the Pek can rock the nuts off a nun it’s guaranteed to be killer gig (given the Flapper’s low ceilings and the danger of the odd stage diver that could literally be true too...result!). I’ve not seen the band live before but the stuff I’ve been hearing’s all good...a mix of skate punk and British rawk...hell yeah! I suspect that tickets will sell out faster than David Cameron (ooooh little bit of politics there for anyone who ain’t BORED to death about the whole sorry mess) so I’d get stuck in right now if I were you.

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