Monday, May 10, 2010

Life begins...

A huge thank you to anyone who reads this blog who also came along to my surprise birthday bash on Sunday. In particular I'd like to extend a massive and heartfelt thanks to John (from Goodnight Lenin) and I Thee Lothario for putting on two awesome shows (plus big hugs to the whole Sound Bar team for pulling it all off in style).

The number of glowing comments that I got about both gigs just goes to show that Birmingham's home to some truly great bands and, who knows, perhaps one or two more people might just make it out now to see that for themselves. Perhaps that would be the best birthday present of all.

PS: There's a big debate currently going on over at the Blue Whale Blog about the Birmingham 'scene' and, in particular, the promoters who, in part, run it. The gist of the piece is that some of them are a shady bunch who are just out to line their own pockets and don't care who they put on. Happily that's never been my experience. Although I'm sure it goes on Birmingham has a whole bunch of people who love music, love this City and love doing what they can do to bring the two together. Take a look at the list of Promoters to the left of this and, if you don't get real value for money from any of their shows, I'll eat a blue whale...
PPS: Pictures courtesy of Mr Richard Shakespeare (aka Shakeypix) - one of the nicest snappers you're ever likely to meet.

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