Thursday, May 27, 2010

Come Flyover with me...

Yes, it’s nearly time for this year’s Flyover Show...a free (FREE I tells ya!) one day gig held under the Hockley Flyover. Okay, I admit that don’t sound too appealing but last year’s event was great fun and the guy in charge of the whole shebang – Soweto Kinch – deserves a medal (or one of those dodgy metal stars on Birmingham’s Broad Street at the very least) for pulling it all off in fine style. The idea behind the whole thing is (as I understand it) to highlight the more positive face of Soweto’s neighbourhood, showcase great music and get people from inside and outside the community to mix it all up a bit more. What could be better (and more constructive) than that eh? From roots to rap and jazz to soul, this year Soweto’s gone with a female theme so you’ve got Ms Dynamite on the bill along with Janet Kay, Speech Debelle, Eska Mtungwazi (awesome) and oodles of other ladeez. It’s all FREE too. FREE! (did I mention it was FREE!).

Take a look at the video of last year’s show above this gibberish and get your bum down there, it’s all happening on Saturday 29th May 2010 (12.30pm to 11pm).

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