Monday, May 24, 2010

Crime in The Flapper...unless you’re deaf in one which case it’ll be Crime in Mono...

Into your hardcore? Music that is...pervs. News reaches me from my spies at The Flapper that Long Island hardcore experimentalists Crime in Stereo are playing there on 1st June supported by Sharks. Whether that will be ruddy great big fishy things with a nasty overbite or a band called Sharks I couldn’t possibly say (I guess they could swim up the canal to get there then leap into the venue and flap around a bit...hmmm). Ever since witnessing Gallows’ legendary gigs at the Bar Academy and Brighton’s Great Escape I’ve kind of got the whole hardcore thing a lot more. It sort of passed me by when I was a hip young thing, probably ‘cos I was too busy doing that silly Madchester monkey dance thing in dodgy Brighton dives or pretending to a sophisticated Acid Jazzer (ahhhh the folly of youth eh?). Anyways, from what I’ve heard of ‘em so far Crime in Stereo have that angry (grrrrrrrr) hardcore thang going on but with some deceptively catchy tunege in the background. Sharks (if it is the band called Sharks) sound like a Satan with a hangover. And that’s actually quite a good thing.

Tickets are available from my chums at Birmingham Promoters...or Satan...he’s got a few I believe...he don’t accept PayPal though and he’s a moody git at the best of’s all “souls this”, “fire and brimstone that” and “burning hot pokers up the bum bum” the other I’d get ‘em from Birmingham Promoters if I were you.

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