Friday, May 14, 2010

Come LIVE with me...H17 to play Digbeth’s new HMV Institute

Boarded up since 2008, Digbeth’s Barfly has been a sorry sight/site for far too long. But recently there have been a few signs of life and I’ve just found out that it’s finally reopening as the HMV Institute in September. Whoopeedoodaah! That’s the good news...the great news is that the mighty Heaven 17 are playing there on 26th November as part of their 30th Anniversary Penthouse and Pavement tour. Ain’t life grand eh? I always liked the old Barfly, it was a bit like going down into the hull of a ship (okay, I'd normally had a few). I'm not sure how they've arranged the insides now, hell, who cares, I'd go and see Heaven 17 play inside a urinal. Not sure where Martyn would put his synth though...maybe he'd have to sit on one of the loos...even so those synths are big buggers...he'd probably have to knock through to a second cubicle...anyway...Heaven 17...Digbeth...AWESOME!

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