Friday, March 22, 2013

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy w/e 22nd March 2012

“Music ain’t like wot it used to be back in the 70s” say some boring old farts, but here’s proof that it’s pretty much just exactly the same as it used to be back in the 70s. Step forward Wolf People with this rather awesome piece of post rock folk, All Returns (out 15th April). Majestic. Can someone bring ‘em to Birmingham soon please? Ta! Eh...hang on...they’re coming! This Is Tmrw just booked ‘em for a gig in May! Whoop!

Okay, this is one of those ‘we’re not going to reveal our identity’ kind of things. Colour Of Bone (could be a person, could be a band, could be a weird cult with pointy hats and sixteen wives for every chap...could be The Alarm...) may be hiding behind silhouettes at the moment but one thing’s certain, his/their particular brand of fuzzy pop rock is pretty addictive.  Oh...hang on again, just found out it’s some dude called Sam Stockman, an actor who’s in something called Whitechapel on something called ITV?!  Honestly, you just can’t keep a secret nowadays can you eh?

This is real good. Me, You and Thomas are a two piece from Brizzle who specialise in raw, fuzzy indie rock. The lead singer’s got a vaguely folky / shoegazey feel to her voice which neatly juts up against the battered drums n’ geeetttar. This single’s out on Howling Owl Records on 8th April and there are just 50 copies. Blimey. If they’d like to send me one I promise to walk up and down the streets playing it to random strangers.

When Edwyn Collins’ brain exploded (or, to be more technically accurate, when he suffered a double cerebral haemorrhage) back in 2005 it seemed pretty certain that he’d not last more than a few days. When he did it seemed equally certain that he’d never walk or talk again, let alone write and perform stuff. Miraculously though, he is. And it’s right up there with some of his best releases too. Blimey. Ed wins...

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