Friday, March 01, 2013

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup w/e 1st March

Spring already? Thank the chuff for that. Bits of me were getting distinctly frostbitten. Here’s a bunch of stuff that somehow seeped into the old ears this week...

Youth Lagoon (Trevor Powers to his ma and pa) conjures up this trippy mix of psych gaze, perfect for turning on, tuning in and dropping out to. Stick with it, it takes a minute or two to hit its stride...

Okay, this ain’t new but I’ve only just started hearing it on 6 Music. Scroobius Pip vs DJ Yoda. Freakin’ awesome.

Post punk. Yeah! Skinny boys with skinny ties drinking skinny lattes. It’s a skinny thing. London’s Snapped Ankles add a little dance floor groove to the underground sound of 79-81.

What is it with geeky looking white dudes dancing like freaks but looking as cool as a polar bear in a deep freeze (see also the bloke from Dutch Uncles)? 2013. The year of the geek dance. Oh yeah...this art rock beauty from Cymbals makes a pretty ace soundtrack too.

Everything that Public Service Broadcasting does is top notch. Fusing Krautrock style motoric beats to old Public Information films might not sound like a particularly attractive concept but it just works so darn well. Here’s their latest...out as special Record Day 7 inch vinyl release on April 20th

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