Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Kappa' load of this...The Grafham Water Sailing Club unveil new single

I reckon there’s something in the water you know. All of a sudden there are so many great bands springing up all over the Midlands it’s become freakin’ impossible to keep up with them all. Here’s one that’s escaped my notice so far (yeah, I’m a slack arse), The Grafham Water Sailing Club. Sure, it might not be the snappiest name in music but you know where snappy names lead you? N-Dubz. I rest my case. Formed in Coventry last year the band’s latest offering, Kappa Kappa, is part 60s noir spy film soundtrack and part post punk epic, with a dash of millennial angst thrown in for good measure. It’s one of those broodingly brilliant tracks that makes you at least 26% cooler just by listening to it. If you want to see if they can cut it live you’ve got a couple of chances in April too, the first is handily (well handily if you’re Midlands based anyway) on 4th April at The Bulls Head , the second est dans le Paris, Avril 28th a La Cantine de Belleville. Er...tres bien. 

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