Monday, March 25, 2013

Miss Halliwell...back from the dread

What makes a great band? Decent tunes? Meaningful lyrics? A pretty logo? Sure, all of these might help but what marks out the great from the good - in my humble opinion at least - is one thing that few people really, truly focus on...belief. Does that lead singer really mean what he or she is singing about or is it all (or partly) just an act? When they come off stage are they still the same person? Let’s face facts, many performers are just that. That’s not necessarily a bad thing by the way, if they really lived the kind of life they sang about they’d all be dead by 27...which quite a lot of them were come to think about it. Anyway, I guess what I’m going on about is integrity, the kind of borderline madness that drove Richey Manic to carve 4 REAL into his arm with a razor blade (still arguably one of the most beautifully disturbing moments in music). Having read his blog for a while I can confidently say that Miles Perhower, frontman with the reanimated (and massively underrated so far) Miss Halliwell, falls...dives headfirst perhaps...into this category. Have a read. It’s great stuff. Disturbing sometimes but hey, life ain’t always a bowl of frickin’ cherries eh? Once you’ve read the blog (there's more here too...see what I mean?), had a cold shower and hugged a loved one whilst weeping gently to yourself for a while, make plans to head on down to The Wagon and Horses (Digbeth) on Friday night (29th March) for Miss Halliwell’s first live show in ages. Oh, and here's a trio of some of their best tracks to date as well...enjoy. 

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