Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BC Camplight rides again

A few years back BC Camplight released the truly awesome album Blink of a Nihilist (from which the little beauty above is taken). Sadly it failed to set the world on fire (what do they know eh?) and he vanished from sight in a puff of smoke. Well, he would’ve done if it had set the world on fire....maybe it was a dust instead? seems like he’s had a few, well, let’s say ‘challenges’ in the intervening years culminating in seeing an alien in the Arizona desert (where he was living in a camper van) which in turn inspired him to quit his US homeland and decamp Hell, it happens. So now he’s back, back, BACK etc with a new single Thieves InAntigua. If the Beach Boys had become a mariachi band this is how it might’ve sounded like. Yep, it’s that good. Enjoy...

He plays the Manchester Deaf Institute (his first headline show for FIVE ruddy years) on 6th April and hopefully he’ll travel a little further afield soon (Birmingham...hint hint). 

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