Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Misty's new adventure...

Way, way back...early noughties I think it was...I came across a new-ish band from Birmingham playing at The Flapper one night. I can’t recall who the chuff they were supporting but what I do remember is falling instantly head over heels madly in lurrrrrrve with them – so much so in fact that I ended up buying two copies of their debut homemade album that night. They, Misty's Big Adventure, sounded – and still do for that matter – like no one else around, fusing ska, loungecore, pop, punk and a dozen other genres that probably only exist in the mind of their gloriously dishevelled looking leader, Grandmaster Gareth. They’ve flirted with fame ever since, landing some decent support tours, getting some airplay on the cooler radio stations and inspiring devotion amongst their small but perfectly informed fan base. I’m ashamed to say I’ve not seen them live for a while, something I fully intend to rectify this year, but in the meantime they’ve just released yet another classic track, Aggression, a kind of freaky assed Ghost Town for the 21st Century...which is timely as we’re now not so much living in a ‘ghost town’ as a ‘ghost country’, but that’s far too depressing to contemplate today eh? Both the video and song embrace familiar Misty’s themes, notably a feeling of detachment from 98% of ‘society’ which is something I can certainly relate to. There’s such a jolly ska beat behind the track and a delightfully sick sense of humour in the video that you somehow find yourself dancing through the tears though. Genius.  

PS: As if a new Misty’s track wasn’t enough Grandmaster Gareth has slipped out a rather splendid new one as well...busy chap.   

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