Monday, April 04, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday...

So the planned Jim Jones will have to wait a while ‘cos they rescheduled the gig due to illness. As I’d already prised my sorry ass off the sofa I was damned if I was going to go straight home again so we ended up at The Yardbird for a bit of ‘The Free Love Club’, a monthly acoustic jam type thang that kicks off at 4pm and carries on until 11-ish. It’s free too. Yep, my favourite word again. Well worth popping in if you can’t face the working week and fancy extending the weekend a little you’re bound to hear some great Oh!Stockholm (seen in the video above wandering around the Peace Gardens in Birmingham...somehow avoiding getting stabbed by junkie crack whores). Check out their MySpace thingy for details of the next one (the Free Love Club gig that is...not the whole junkie crack whore stabbing thing...).

PS: The Jim Jones Revue gig’s been rescheduled for June 16th I believe...same venue...The Academy.

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