Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Cancer! Up Yours!

Wow...there are a lot of sad deaths from the big C out there right now. I’d heard Poly Styrene, arguably one of the most important figures in the whole punk movement, was battling cancer a few months ago but it’s just been confirmed that she’s passed away. If such a thing can be made even sadder Poly recently made her comeback, releasing a brand new solo album after decades in relative obscurity.

Mixed race (at a time when racial tension was still a big deal), wearing braces and screaming up a storm she was everything that was great about punk...that whole’ just get up there and do it no matter what you looked or sounded like’ ethos that ushered in a musical revolution...something we could all do with again now I reckon. If you’ve not heard it the album she made with X-Ray Spex, Germ Free Adolescents is frankly essential. Click on the vid above for a quick blast. RIP Polly.


Nick said...

Hi, Would love to talk to you about a charity auction we're working on which is auctioning off Plectrums by artists in order to raise money for Trekstock. Trekstock raises awareness and money for teenagers suffering from cancer. Some great bands involved, would you be kind enough to email - nick (at) theorangedot.co.uk

Atlanta Roofing said...

Goodbye Poly Styrene and thanks for the good times, good music and great lyrics, which were nothing short of ahead of their time and are as apt today as ever. You may Rest in Peace.