Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Steve Cradock – Peace City West

The Ocean Colour Scene and Weller guitarist (Paul returns the favour here) is back with his second solo album, a collection of mainly 60’s influenced tracks many of which are, well, distinctly reflective. Just cop a load of some of the song titles, Finally Found My Way Back Home, My Scooter Sits Idle, Only Look Up When You’re Down, Lay Down Your Weary Burden... it’s got all the signs of a chap in full on midlife crisis mode. I know how he feels. Anyway, happily Steve manages to combine all this introspection with some decidedly upbeat melodies as on opening track Last Days Of The Old World, a jaunty look at the emotional disconnection that technologies having on us all. No, trust me, it’s a corker. Next up The Pleasure Seekers will bring an instant smile to (small) faces everywhere...Marriot would be proud of that one. In between the tracks proper Steve’s inserted ‘interludes’, little musical nuggets that range from 60’s psych to sparse piano pieces. It’s a nice way to freshen the musical palate and hints at a different, more experimental side to Steve’s musical tastes. That being said the album’s standout number is the trippily mod-ish I man, as 60’s as the mini skirt, free love and lava lamps..."Far out maaaan”. A surprisingly well rounded album that gets better with each spin.

Peace City West is out now on Kundalini Music

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