Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(Record) shopkeepers of the world unite!

This Saturday (the 16th) sees the annual Record Store Day and, on top of all the limited edition releases that’ll (irony ahoy) end up on e-Bay within 30 seconds at vastly inflated prices, there are loads of instore sessions going on. Here...and indeed Birmingham the lovely folk at Speech Fewapy Records are curating a pair of gig-lets with the equally lovely Miss Perry Presents.

The day kicks off at 1pm at Swordfish (Temple Street) with The Traps, Malpas, Tom Peel and Victories at Sea playing in-store, and continues over at Polar Bear Records (Kings Heath) from 3pm with The Traps, Vinny & The Curse, Black Heart Generator and John Presley.

A limited run of a Speech Fewapy Records Record Store Day compilation, featuring music by the artists playing that day will be available to buy in both Swordfish Records and Polar Bear Records. If you make it along to Polar Bear Records on Saturday afternoon you’ll also be treated to a few tasty offerings from Kings Heath culinary wizzkids ‘Soul Food Project’. Yumalicious.

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