Wednesday, March 09, 2011

West Midlands Pilot Project

Wow. Somehow this passed me by last year but it seems that there's now a website - Pilot Project - that lists most of the great local bands in Birmingham together with a track or two by each one. I go to a fair number of gigs (many of which have a 'local' support)but there's a bunch of names on there that I don't recognise and if they're as good as the ones that I do, well...happy days.

While I'm at it a big shout out to Brumcast (aka Little Chris...aka Chris Downing) who puts together regular collections of the very best tracks from Midlands bands (it must take him hours). It seems he's involved in this Pilot Project too. Good work fella. I've added links to both Brumcast and Pilot Project under Da Blogs to the left...just over there. Yep, there.

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