Friday, March 11, 2011

New Music Meltdown

Lucky bugger that I am I get sent oodles of new music these days and post far too little of it up here (too many tunes, too little time). In a vain effort to overcome this slackness I’m going to experiment with just banging up the tunes with a line or two of comment rather than the endless waffle that you’ve grown to love and cherish...relax though...the gig reviews will still be full of endless waffle. After all you’ve got to have something to read while you’re pretending to work, right? Thank goodness your boss can’t see your screen from their desk eh? Anyway, strap yourself goes...

Poly Styrene – Virtual Boyfriend

X-Ray Spex punk goddess Poly’s back with a suitably punky electro mash up and a new album. We are not worthy.

DJ J-Boogie & J-Hood – Unsigned Volume 1

Pure 100% undiluted hip hop featuring a collaboration between Birmingham’s Tusche De Costa and J-Hood himself. Download the whole motherhumpin’ thang right here...for F-R-E-E!

The Young Knives – Love My Name

They’re back in time for the hot summer. Angsty new wave brilliance with shades of Gang of Four and Wire in the mix.

Nottee – Don’t Waste Your Light On Me

Ace of Bass meets St Etienne courtesy of Sweden’s lady of pop, Nottee.

New Villager – Light House

TV On The Radio meets The Irrepressibles. A cracking video too.

Phew. That’s enough new music for anyone in one posting. Enjoy!

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