Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This, Kat and the other...

Picture courtesy of DRW-Images

The lovely Kat Vipers is back with a brand new EP, 'A New Career in a New Town' (click on the link for a cheeky listen)that simply crackles with inventiveness. She’s done some extraordinary work over the years, all sorts of different styles from classical to pop (and everything in between) and whilst this EP has a mainly synthy feel it really reflects that diversity. The old skool arcade game sounds of ‘Fake Ophelia’ open things up before the EP’s undisputed highlight ‘Blue Ice Lolly’. A dark, brooding piece of electronic, with hints of Tori Amos at an early 80’s New York electro warehouse party, it hits you like an electric shock to the frontal lobe.

‘Creation’ is a lighter one, the perfect celebratory soundtrack for dancing naked through the woods on a spring morning. What? Is it only me who does that? You should try it. Antichrist is deceptively simple at first but peel back the layers and, as the track climaxes, there’s all sorts of stuff going on there, “chaos reigns” indeed. But it works. The EP closes with the hauntingly beautiful ‘Put Out’, a sparsely used church organ feel giving way to lush orchestration (all synths I guess) as Kat backs herself with ghostly whispers in a tale of lost love.

What this EP really screams is that Kat’s not afraid to experiment and mix things up a little. In the hands of some artists all this eclecticism might be a bit too much but, no doubt down to her classical background, she clearly understands a thing or three about getting the musical structure just right. Impressive stuff again from a true original.

Listen to the EP through the soundcloud link above then buy it for yourself right here.

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