Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Max Raptor ‘Portraits’

Is it just me or is there something in the air right now? It’s slowly stirring, but it’s happening nonetheless...I’m sure of it. Yep, music’s getting angry again...and it’s about time too. Perhaps it’s the economy...or lack of it...or maybe people are finally getting sick and tired of the pop idol production line and want something a little more, as Richey would’ve put it, ‘4 real’ again. Who knows? Whatever the reason here comes the debut album from Midlands four piece Max Raptor, a spiky kick in the crotch for a sadly all too apathetic nation.

From the rallying cry of ‘The King Is Dead’ through to the instantly addictive singalong of ‘Carolina’ it’s an impressive debut, at times recalling Maximo Park, Art Brut and Rocket From The Crypt at their finest. Lyrically there’s plenty of spleen venting going on, whether it’s raging against the celebrity machine on ‘The Patron Saint (of nothing) or taking a cheerful look at existential nihilism (yep, I’ve been reading Wikipedia again) on ‘Ghosts’. It’s ‘The Great and the Good’ that’s the standout track though, its blend of meaty drumming, head bangin’ guitars and scream if ya wanna go faster vocals seemingly tailor made for whipping a crowd up into three shades of mental.

Like I said at the start of this it’s about time there was more of a musical reflection of the situation we’re all in and if 2011’s going to see a summer of discontent ‘Portraits’ could well make the perfect soundtrack.

The album’s out on Naim Edge records on 11th April and the band’s on tour through May with a Birmingham date courtesy of our good friends at Birmingham Promoters on May 4th at The HMV Institute. Get in!

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