Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jim Jones p-Revue

Hell yeah you motherhumping motherhumpers...rock n’roll behemoths Jim Jones Revue are on the road right now laying down the goooooood shit (no idea why I’m talking like this today, I’ve not been on the sherry again...). Think proper, old school rock...Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, early Elvis...add a dash of punk spirit to the whole shebang and voila. If you’re anywhere near Birmingham on Sunday night and you can tear yourselves away from Celebrity Cash In the Jungle or whatever yawningly dull Jane Austen book the BBC’s spent millions adapting for the 6 people who watch that crap (how about spending some of that on a decent music show you muppets?) then head on down to the Academy for some sweat soaked mayhem and great balls of fire (that'll serve me right for wearing tight pants again).

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