Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pocket Satellite ‘Paper Aviator’ EP

New music and here’s a folky pop treat in the shape of Pocket Satellite and their new EP Paper Aviator. Forged in the city of Sheffield they’re a five piece with a natural gift for a nifty melody and a ‘cute as a sack of fluffy pink kittens in flannel pyjamas’ feel (now that’s cute). Of course the whole folk / pop crossover thing’s pretty hot right now and Pocket Satellite get the balance just right especially on the EP’s two standout tracks, ‘Rocks in My Shoes’ and ‘Man On A Boat’ which manages to be both twee (no bad thing in my book) and a bit of a singalong party track at the same time (okay...I don’t go to many parties but I can imagine drunkenly bouncing around with my arms around a random stranger to this one). Add some great male / female harmonies, lush strings and oodles of plinky plonky glockenspiel all over the place and it’s pretty much guaranteed to warm even the coldest of January hearts.

Pocket Satellite’s Paper Aviator is out next week (I think) and available from the band’s very own web shop thingy... a free kitten in flannel pyjamas with every copy...possibly.

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