Monday, January 10, 2011

Lúnasa at The Public

Amongst the many fine acts on display at last year’s Moseley Folk Festival were a band called Lúnasa. I’d not heard of them before but they got my leg twitching like Michael Flatley having a stroke...which is no mean feat/feet. They mainly play traditional Irish folk music...and if that sends you scurrying for your Lady Gaga mixtape fair enough, but even if your idea of hell is anything remotely to do with folk music, trust me, they're well worth seeing. Think jigs and reels, late nights in backstreet Dublin boozers and a several hundred years of magical musical tradition all served up by a bunch of world class players who’ve become one with their chosen weapons of choice. It’s as rich and satisfying as a pint or two of the black stuff and infectious enough to get Stephen Hawking up and dancing (well...almost). Happily if you’re anywhere near West Brom you don’t have to fly Ryan Air (bring your own seat, fuel, pilot etc) to see ‘em either, they’re playing The Public on Thursday 10th February. Slàinte!

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