Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mick Karn RIP

Good grief. Hot (or maybe that should be cold) on the heels of the death of Gerry Rafferty comes news of the passing of Japan’s bass genius Mick Karn. Jeez. You know you’re getting old when people in the bands you grew up with start passing on. Japan were just soooo achingly cool back in the day, arguably the coolest of all those early 80’s groups (although they formed as early as 1974...albeit it in more of a glam punk guise) and I spent many happy hours wallowing in their particular brand of art pop pretending I was all sophisticated. It's difficult to know which track to pick to pay tribute to Mick but this one's always been a favourite. Enjoy.


thebobbydazzler said...

Saviour are you with me.

Very sad indeed!

The Baron said...

Guess I'll never get to see Japan now. Still pinning my hopes on another Dexy's reunion though. This mark my words. Did you get back to the UK or were you all snowed in?

By the way, do you know this guy...thought it was you for a moment...