Friday, January 21, 2011

Anna Calvi-fragalisticexpialidocious

Anna Calvi "Jezebel" (Live) from Anna Calvi on Vimeo.

One of the BBC’s sounds of 2011 Anna Calvi hits the Hare & Hounds on 26th February as part of a small, but perfectly formed, UK tour. If her recent output’s anything to go by it promises to be a cracker. Just cop a listen to Jezebel. Hell yeah. Bringing a bit of a rockabilly flavour to the old Piaf classic Anna vamps it up in fine style. And you can’t beat a bit of vamping eh? Having supported Nick Cave’s lot, Grinderman (and there’s a touch of Cave on offer here) she reminds me a little of a goth Shirley Bassey...bear with me here...mighty, mighty vocals but with a bit of a dark twist. See? Just me again? Okay. Anyway, for my money she’s one of the better picks of 2011, even though she’s been around since 2006 (she was in a band called Cheap Hotel)...but we’ll gloss over that. The BBC do love pretending they’ve still got their finger on the pulse...bless ‘em. What next? George Formby on Zane Lowe? Probably...

Tickets for the tour are selling faster than Jordon gets hitched and that’s I’d get in quick if I were you (for the tickets I mean...not Jordon...that’s just wrong).

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