Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Irrepressibles...the second coming

Okay...advance warning time. Regular readers will know by now of my obsession with a band/group/collective called The Irrepressibles. Irregular readers (those with funny shaped heads, one leg shorter than the other etc) please read this, my review of their first Birmingham show from last year. I thank you. The Irrepressibles are, in my humble opinion, one of the most exciting, beautiful, uplifting groups on the planet. Their unique fusion of lush orchestral pop, performance and presentation (they design their own costumes and lighting...sometimes just for particular shows) makes their concerts something really special. Unsurprisingly I’m not the only person to have fallen in L – O – V – E with them and now, after several years of honing their craft and wowing huge crowds across Europe, people are finally waking up to them over here too. If you’re in London this weekend they’re playing a show at the Barbican on Saturday night. If you’re anywhere near the Midlands they’re in the suitably opulent surroundings of the Town Hall on March 22nd. Trust me on this one. Buy your tickets now. Go and see them. If it doesn’t make you more than a little bit moist (I myself am moistening just thinking about the show)then there’s no hope for you.


Gurdan said...

Quite incredible - yes would love to see them live - I also like the John Cage inspired section at the end :)

The Baron said...

Hi Gurdan,

I can heartily recommend them. Beautiful music made by equally lovely people. Hope to see you at the Town Hall in March!

PS: Must come along and see you again soon...really enjoyed your last show...