Sunday, April 01, 2007

So, tried clicking and ringing for about 40 minutes then gave up and went back to bed...tried agin at 10.20...gave up...went back to bed...tried again at 11.04...gave up...hang on...wait a second...mon dieu...I'm on the site....AAAAAAAGGGGHHH!

Only coach tickets left (an extra £40 each but at least I can stay up on Sunday night drinking pear cider without worrying about the drive back home on Monday...yay!), enter card number...don't fuck it up now...just a few more clicks...done! Now just have to wait for the 'confirmation email...'

Why do I put myself through this? Because it's Glasto. The best music festival in the world (even with all the corporate stuff, trust fund gimpoids and overflowing toilets). If you didn't get tickets there may still be a chance on 22nd April (when the returns come back on sale). If you did, well, I'll see you by the Scrumpy bus as the sun sets on the Wednesday evening...mine's a pint...


thebobbydazzler said...

you are the music man...go on the 'goat!'

bloggerfrog said...

ill be there too.


tiresome hungover clicking = more drunk antics at the best festival britain has to offer, and thats before anyone looks at the line up.