Saturday, April 21, 2007

Billy Childish Rules UK!

Just randomnly cruising My you do...and chanced upon the Billy Childish page. Only had the pleasure of seeing him once (cue one of those dreamy thought bubble things they have in Tom and Jerry cartoons) Glasto a few years back. He was playing the New Band Tent (well hey, he's only been around for 25 odd years) and made the sound guys unplug everything apart from his trusty valve amp. Just as he was about to come on someone asked if he wanted the smoke machine employed as he took to the stage "Fuck off, I've been fightin' for 25 years against that crap"...needless to say the tent remained a smoke free zone for the duration of, what was, one of the best sets I've ever seen (god...I sound like one of those blokes off the telly who talk about plays by obscure French writers with an absinthe problem...hmmmmm absinthe).

Anyway, pour yourself a real ale and have a listen to Archive From 1959.

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