Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Misty's Big Adventure / Poppy and the Jezebels Birmingham Glee Club Tuesday 27th March 2007

Ahh, the Glee Club. But not as we know it. Tonight was a...shock, shock, horror, horror, shock, shock horror...STANDING GIG! At the Glee Club. Hmmmmm.

Minus the chairs just 0.007mm apart it's a bloody big space and, unlike other venues it's really open. No dark bits to lurk behind...and I do like to lurk behind dark bits. Anyway we will banish talk of dark bits, or bits of any kind in fact, and move on to Poppy and her Jezebels (pictured to the left). Punky in places (with a distinct twist of Poly Styrene in the vocals) a little New York 70's folky in others, they are a beguiling mix of styles, one of which they may settle on as time goes by. For now though I was pretty impressed by the set, especially when you consider that they're all around 16. I have grey hairs older than that...and they can't play keyboard, guitar or drums. They can't sing either. So there we go. Proof that Poppy and the Jezebels are much better than my hair. Seriously though you should go and check 'em out before they get signed by EMI who will do a Fuzzbox on them...talking of which, Vix from Fuzzbox is back gigging again as part of a new band Vix n'the Kix. I think they're playing at the Sunflower Lounge on 11th April (you must go 'cos Fuzzbox were/are ace). See, informative and entertaining...well informative anyway.

What can I say about Misty's that I haven't said before? Very little really. Suffice to say that they were as brilliant tonight as they have been for the last 7 years or so that I've been following them. Lyrics that sum up the sad old world we all live in today, kick ass horns, musical madness and Erotic Volvo. I am holding out for a Pulp like rebirth when the rest of the globe catches up with them and Grandmaster Gareth takes his place as Prime make that Lord of Everything. I have the feeling the world would be a much better, if slightly madder, place.

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