Monday, April 30, 2007

Bobby Conn / Last Man Standing Glee Club Birmingham Sunday 29th April 2007

Although the audience was criminally sparse both bands gave it 100% tonight. So, A for effort, but what about the results? Bloody fantastic... which has to be at least A++ (I'll stop with all this grading nonesense right now shall I?). Kicking off in fine style were Last Man Standing. Currently being heralded as the best unsigned band in London (and I wouldn't argue with that) they're a bunch of incredibly talented and experienced musicians with a collection of songs to die for. Fronted by the charismatic Max Vanderwolf (who has to be a shoe in for frontman of the year) the music is a glorious mix of jazz, country, blues, rock and whatever else you fancy. They reminded me in places of The Sensational Alex Harvey band, particularly on a track called 'Nona' that had the same edginess of the SAHB cover version of Jacques Brels 'Next'...which is high praise indeed. I defy anyone to watch Last Man Standing and not tremble, froth at the mouth and lose control of your bladder at the sheer brilliance of it all. I'm hoping to get hold of one of their CD's so I can do one of my legendary (and rare) album this space.

Bobby Conn. Bobby Conn. Bobby Conn. So good. Oh sooooo gooooood. I have to admit to being a recent Conn-vert to fact it's only by seeing the gig listed on The Glee Club website and visiting his My Space site that I discovered him at all. This is a criminal shame. Bobby Conn is a star. No, scratch that, Bobby Conn is a legend. On the strength of the performance I purchased every CD they had after the gig from the lovely Monica Boubou...and, for someone as tight as my good self, that's really something. Reviewing a Bobby Conn gig is a little just have to be there. But, for the sake of those who weren't (that's you I guess), he's as funky as Prince, as out there as Bowie, as gloriously camp as Jobriath and as witty as Wilde (Oscar, not Kim...although Kids In America was a great track...). Below this review you can read my rant about one member of the audience who tried her best to steal the show. Not a chance. Even with Miss Take shoving her oar in, and a sparse crowd, this goes down as one of my best gigs ever...

I urge you to check out the new Bobby Conn album King for a Day (and the title track itself). It makes life worth living. If you get a chance to see him, then take it. In 20 years time people will be giving this guy the respect he - and his entire band - really deserves. Let's make it a whole lot sooner eh?

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