Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Indigo Moss / Dan Whitehouse Glee Club Birmingham Tuesday April 10th 2007

In the more intimate 'studio' for this one and sat right at the front...right at the front...almost on the stage in fact. Opener Dan Whitehouse was close enough to touch...but I'm not that kind of boy. Anyway...unlike many singer songwriters Dan has an incredibly powerful voice, indeed at some points in an impressive performance he ended up on tip toe with the sheer effort being exerted. He's got a strong set of songs too, catchy hooks and the kind of ooomph that many solo performers really lack (by the way the link isn't a mistake...he was/is in a band called Parade too). Well worth catching if you have the chance.

Headliners Indigo Moss were a real delight. Appalachian / bluegrassey with a strong skiffle edge (think Lonnie Donnigan meets the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack). Lead Moss, Mr Trevor, has a really distinctive voice...kind of how I'd imagine Steve Buscimi sounding if he sang. It fitted in perfectly with the music (brilliantly played by all concerned) and sort of gave it a more modern twist in my head. Some of the songs rattle along like a steamtrain at full pelt...down a steep hill...with lots of people pushing it...and I kind of wished I wasn't sitting down (it just made you want to dance...I had to make do with furious toe tapping). They have an album out right now and are certain to be touring some of the festivals. If you've never heard music of this genre before, Indigo Moss is the perfect place to start. Check our Dang Nabbit and Start Over Again and if you don't fall in love with them I'll give you your money back...oh hang on you don't pay to read this do you? Oh balls. Anyway, 'indigo' and have a listen (see what I did there...)


thebobbydazzler said...

I like what you did you like it like that...?

The Baron said...

I do...I like it like that...

The Baron said... you like it that...?