Saturday, April 18, 2009

Resins to be cheerful - Part 2

Lordy the gods of Hip Hop are raining down upon us with great generosity at the mo. No sooner had I discovered Homecut’s ‘No Freedom Without Sacrifice’ (see the review below) I’m bitten (musically speaking) by Resin Dogs’ Home. Like Homecut’s release there’s a jazzy vibe going on here, albeit with a harder more beat laden, Latin, shake your funky ass kind of edge (I’m sure the thought of me shaking my ass – funky or otherwise is enough to put you off your tea – but my ass took on a life of its own listening to this album). I could give you a beat by beat dissection of the album, I could spout on about the P-Funk or witter on about the kennel full of DJ’s MC’s and musicians stirred into the mix, but you don’t want to keep listening to me though do you? Here, through the miracle of the internet, is a video of the album’s opener, the J5-tastic ‘Coming With The Sound’ ass is twitching just thinking about it.

Resin Dogs’ More is out on Hydrofunk (and this is one hell of a mutha funkin' release) Records on 1st June. Keep your eyes peeled for festival dates too!

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