Thursday, April 09, 2009

Frankmusik - Better Off As Two

To celebrate the 'whatever it is that Easter's supposed to celebrate' (Easts?) here's my gift to you...the lovely and not at all egg like Frankmusik with his new single Better Off As Two. Why not buy a copy for one you love in lieu of an egg? Except it's not out until April 13th so that puts the knackers on that's electropoptastic and makes me feel 13 again.

Hoppy Easter!


Ken Davidson said...

What does Easter celebrate? Lord above, but you need some old-fashioned schooling. I've sent you a copy of The Watchtower, and some smiley folk will be knocking on your door tomorrow. No, no - don't thank me - least I can do ;)

The Baron said...

Watchtower? Is that anything to do with Watchmen? That's where the smiley folk come in isn't it?