Monday, April 06, 2009

It's eliminatory my dear What's On...

Stop Press! (oh...they already have). News reaches me (by me picking up a copy) that What's On, for over 30 years a guide to what's on (see what they did there?) in Birmingham, is no more. This is sad. What am I going to read on the toilet now? How will people find out what's going on at Rick's? What about the brothels of Brum...oh sorry...'escort' services...what will they do? To be serious for a moment, only a moment mind you, despite the fact that many of us live in an online world, a lot of folk don't. What's On was also a handy 'jack of all trades', a light and easy read covering food, gigs, art exhibitions, brothels etc.
It seems that some of the content will be absorbed into the Evening Mail but that ain't free and it's a bugger to read on the loo. Is this the beginning of the printed media apocalypse that's sweeping the States? Could be. I see a bit of a 7 inch vinyl scenario here - the printed media all but vanishes only for people to realise that it's actually pretty bloody good for some stuff. Like reading on the loo. Or in the bath. Or for covering your head in the event of a heavy shower. Or for sitting on when the grass is try doing that with your i-phone. Anyway, I may be in the minority, but I'll be sad to see What's On go. The creative scene in Brum (and it's accessibility by a wide demographic) will be just that little bit poorer as a result.

RIP - the last ever issue of 'What's On'.

PS: The monthly Midlands title appears to be carrying on for now...

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