Friday, April 03, 2009

The Anomalies / Old School Tie / The Suit @ The Rainbow, Friday 3rd April 2009

Ahhhh spring has sprung, the clocks have gone forward and, despite the fact that's it's only about 10 degrees above freezing, some folk are wandering around like it's the south of France. You've got to love our sense of optimism eh? The first (or indeed any) hint of sunshine and it's off with the fleece and on with the shades and aftersun. Watch those nipples though kids...there's nothing worse than nipple chafing. Banishing talk of nipples, for now at least, first up The Suit. Not knowing anything about the band before tonight I was standing there watching 'em thinking that there's a touch of The Specials going on here (have a listen to the music on Cockspara). Lo, I now discover that they're from Cov too. There's other influences too. Portishead for one. The band features two rappers and a female vocalist who, at times, has a hint of the 'head's Beth...almost operatic in places. Ska, Trip Hop, Rap and Opera. You don't get that from many bands. There's dozens of 'em on stage too (well 8 at least) but they all seem to play a vital part in the overall sound. It's impressive stuff...even more so when you consider that the band (in its current form) is just 9 months old - that's how long it takes to make a baby (see...informative and don't get this in NME eh?).

Next, Old School Tie. None of whom are old, go to school or wear ties as far as I can see. I'll be informing my local Trading Standards officer...maybe even Watchdog...or that annoying gimp who rides around on a motorbike with a Portugese bloke. What can I say about OST that I've not said before? Tonight they were right on top of their game, perhaps less 'wigging out' (apart from the last number...which was wiggier than Tina Turner in a wig factory...on International Wig Day) than at some of the gigs I've seen...more focussed maybe...but packing a greater punch than most bands could dream of. Balaeric beats, African rhythms, ruddy great walls of dub, plinky plonky it around the world in 80 genres and you won't be too far from the mark. I've said it once (probably to myself, but that's down to my failing mental health) and I'll say it again...but you can see OST on a stage at Glasto as the sun goes down. Not the John Peel stage...or the Jazz World stage...but the biggie. The Pyramid. They'd floor the place. Are you listening Mr Eavis? (NB: If OST do get a slot on the Pyramid Stage can I have two free tickets please? Ta.). Oh, before I go, whilst God's Electric Super Scene remains a bowel movingly great track it wasn't even the set highlight tonight. There were many. That is a very...very...VERY good sign for the future. By the way I can recommend the blog on their MySpace page too. Hilarious.

Finally it's the godfathers of Herefordshire hip hop The Anomalies! Promoting must have album, 'Free Soup Social', 2009 is the year they'll break big. I'll stake my hat on it. Bamboo Beats, Employee Of The Month, Kid Riot and (turning out to be a set highlight)'s just great, fun, party party music. Listen to the lyrics too. Witty, wistful and many other words beginning with w (what am I...a freekin' dictionary?) The Anomalies deserve to be right up there with your Puff Diddlies, 50 Pence and that bloke who riped off Dead or Alive. I want to hear kids adopting West Country accents. I dream of a world where the flat cap takes over from the baseball variety. Cider will become the new 'gin and juice'...people, I have a dream. Once more the set ended with the brain blowing freestyle (where the band invite the audience to suggest three things to rap about...they then ask the audience to pass items onto the stage that they also integrate into the they're handed stuff...darn clever) and a bouncy cover of Fatboy's Funk Soul Brother. They're simply 'phanomalie' good...

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