Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bombay Bicycle Club / Tantrums / Black Market Empire @ The Rainbow, Saturday 18th April

Saturday! It’s the new Friday! Which is the old Thursday…which…of course…as any fule kno…gave way to Tuesday. I don’t go out much on Saturday nights, too much vomit, aggro and scantily clad middle age women wobbling down Broad Street trying to find their shoes/a shag/some dignity (delete as applicable) and 'lads' looking for someone to stab/beat up/shag (sometimes all that order). I’m generally asleep by 5pm, dribbling into the remains of a large G & T with the gentle sounds of a Starsky & Hutch DVD on repeat in the background.. But hell, I’m young (okay, that’s not strictly true), I have my health (well, a pulse) and the spirit of rock and/or roll is a-calling me. First up, ‘ere, fancy some silk stockings darlin’, two bob a pair’…yes, it’s Black Market Empire.

Something of a new band (I think they formed this year - although clearly they're all experienced players) they’ve got a Coral / La’s sort of feel. The early days of a band can be a case of finding your feet and gelling together, something that only gigging like billy o (not the Billy O obviously…although I’m sure Mr Ocean has done more than his fair share over the years) can really achieve, but they already seemed surprisingly tight and are well worth catching if you get the chance.

Next up, prepare to scweam and scweam until you’re sick…it’s Tantrums. Music to skateboard…then stroke your beard by. If you don’t have a beard then you should grow one. Especially if you’re a lady. Beard’s are the new Monday dontcha know. None of Tantrums have beards. They do have a clutch of jumpy up and down grungy thrashy psychy pop thrills though. I also discovered during the course of the evening that they used to be called Mayday…a band who impressed me last time I saw them too. Check out The Choke and you won’t be disappointed.

Bombay Bicycle Club, one of many thousands of bands I keep meaning to check out but never do (too busy listening to Bucks Fizz probably…the Land Of Make Believe…let’s rock) are another of those perfectly formed Artrocker bands. That’s not a criticism by the way. Oh how much better the world would be if this clever, jerky pop made it through to the masses. They’re an energetic bunch too (the band , not the masses…they’re too busy watching Britain’s Got Excema and suing the police/the banks/each other), a twisting mass of teenage hormones, guitar strings and floppy hair. Current single ‘Always Like This’ comes off like Antony & The Johnsons having an orgy with Foals (now there’s a You Tube clip I’d love to see). Then they go a bit more Interpol on something like Evening Morning. Skittering guitars, tremulous vocals, a lead singer who looks like Jeffrey Lewis…what’s not to like? I loved the mini stage invasions towards the end of the show. First one young girl (this was a 14+ gig…very plus in my case) got onto the stage and did that slightly self conscious foot shuffling, arm swinging thing that teens do (come to think of it I still do that), then another joined her…then one more…then a bouncer the size of Cardiff pointed them back onto the dancefloor and off they all shuffled. Maybe that’s all they needed to do at the G20 thingy eh? Personally I’d shoot all the protesters and be done with it. What a great way to cut down the dole queue, public expenditure and sales of those bloody whistles that people blow down your ear at pretty much every public event. Anyway, if you like your music a bit Foals-y…a bit Vampire Weekend-y…a touch Orange Juice-y now I come to think about it…and nothing at all like Bucks Fizz…Bombay Bicycle Club’ll ring your bell.

PS: Get yourself down to The Rainbow on Tuesday and catch hotter than a cross bun (topical? moi) New Yawk scensters The Virgins!

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