Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stop The Flapper going down the crapper

Add N to X, Arab Strap, Catatonia, Idlewild, Space, Bis, Mistys Big Adventure, Everything Everything, Ten Benson, King Adora, Islet, O Children, Acid Mothers Temple, Editors, Pull Tiger Tail, Doll and the Kicks, Miles Hunt, Off The Cuff Festivals...the list of great bands and entertaining nights I've had at The Flapper goes on and on. Sadly it looks as though one of Brum's best loved venues of the last 20 years or so might be going the way of so many small venues these days. Ruddy flats. I despair, I really do. It happened in London and now it's happening in Brum. Rip out the heart and soul of the City in exchange for rabbit hutch sized flats that can be flogged for a fortune to poor sods who won't be able to afford to go out - even if there were any venues left - 'cos they're paying £2000 a month for their mortgage. Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Anyway, there's a petition to stop this madness right here. Please sign it. Thank you.

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