Thursday, July 13, 2017

Snooky Fest...48 hours and counting...

The rain's done one, the temperature's rising and the sun's ruddy well shining too. Oh yes...and it's now just under 48 hours to Snooky Fest! You've missed out on the online sales but there may still be a few physical tickets at Curios in Dawlish or hopefully you can just pitch up on the day and pay £20 on the gate (as with all events there's a limit on numbers so if you want to get in get there at dawn's crack). As well as N.U.M.B there are more than a dozen other acts on the main stage (plus some special acoustic sets), here's just a selection to get you in the mood:

(trust me this dude will be MASSIVE)

As well as the music there's food, booze and stalls plus you'll be helping improve the lives of young people with a range of physical illnesses rather than lining the pockets of Live Nation or some other soulless corporate behemoths! Yeah...rock 'n' roll...stick it to the man...down with skool...start calling 'Snickers' Marathons again etc etc.

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