Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Great Lost Bands of the Noughties # 5 - Men Women and Children

Mixing up rock, disco and pop and putting on some blistering live shows Men Women and Children should have ended up soundtracking a generation of good times and headlining Glastonbury. For some inexplicable reason the band's record label seemingly failed to get behind their debut album and they fizzled out before the world had the chance to dance its tits off to some of the greatest party music ever made. It's never too late though, play the hell out of their tunes, run up to random strangers and start singing the songs, share this post with at least one million people and maybe, just maybe, the band will get through to as many men, women and,'ve guessed it...I'm nothing if not predictable...children that they deserved to the first time around.

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