Monday, October 05, 2015

Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes - Barry Norman

Taking a much needed break from packing up the detritus of a life spent trawling car boot sales/charity shops/skips/bins I stumbled across the new one from Brum' very own Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes. Romping home at just under two glorious minutes (all the best things in life take just under two minutes) it's the catchiest thing they've ever done and in a better world they'd be on Top Of The Pops pogoing around and smashing up the set with one of Savile's leg bones. It's taken from their brand new release The Yellow EP due out on October 30th with just 250 copies being unleashed upon an unsuspecting world (unless they've read this, but come on now, who reads this?) and you can catch 'em live at The Rainbow on November 6th. Altogether now "Barrrry Norman, Barrrrrry Norman...".

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