Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Exeter gig venues

I knew Brum's best gig venues like the back of my hand but Exeter's still uncharted waters at the mo. From what I can tell there are 5 main places to catch regular gigs though. These are, in no particular order (or at least in no particular order until they've plied me with peanuts and cider):

Exeter Phoenix

Exeter Cavern (PS: The vid above is Mark Morris at Exeter Cavern, happily he's back on November 26th, highly recommended. Tickets right here).

Exeter Corn Exchange 

The Bike Shed

The Monkey Suit

(There's Westpoint Arena too but the only acts playing there in the near future are alt-j, The Horrors and Elton John, sadly not all on the same bill although how great/terrifying would that be?).

Any other tips from clued up Exeter gig goers gratefully received, the grimier the better (the gig venues that is, not the gig goers, although I ain't fussy).

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