Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oooooooooh Devon is a place on earth...

Well, I've finally relocated to sunny Devon so I'd better get a shift on and find some gigs to big up/review/loiter outside looking a bit shifty. This lot (Sound Of The Sirens) sound good, playing at Exeter Phoenix on Friday November 13th. Tickets right here, right now for a mere fiver.


Russ L said...

Oh blimey!

Well, I suppose such a dedicated cider-drinker as yourself would always end up gravitating to the West Country.

I hope you both find yourselves happy in your new home.

The Baron said...

Cheers Russ! Just settling in now, living in a little village called Whimple which funnily enough used to be home to a massive cider business (Whiteways). You know us too well. Sadly/fortunately they shut down in the 90s but the place is awash with apples so we may have to try making some ourselves. What could possibly go wrong...?!