Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Everything must go...

Just occurred to me that I've been neglecting The Aid for the last week or so but in case you're wondering what I'm up to I'm on the move (hopefully...if you've ever sold a house you'll know it's never a done deal until, well, it's a done deal). Having lived in the same place for 21 years I've accumulated a bit of stuff. Make that a lot of stuff,'s a MOUNTAIN of stuff. Much of it is of the music related variety, tapes (remember them?), CDs (ditto) and vinyl...boxes and boxes and boxes of vinyl. Despite knowing that most of it is pretty worthless I grew up at a time when music was a physical thing that you owned rather than a file on a computer or a freebie out there on the intermess (I wonder how long will it be before 'they' start charging you to use the internet just like 'they' charge you for any other utility?) and parting with it is proving just a tad tricky (incidentally I just found a pile of records by both Tad and Tricky...spooky eh?). Anyway that's why The Aid is quiet at the moment, I'm surrounded by piles of records rocking backwards and forwards and weeping gently.

PS: When I titled this Everything Must Go it was a statement of intent, now it's more of an admission of defeat...I fear the whole ruddy lovely lot will be coming with me.

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