Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trans-Mutes-ation - Mutes back with brand new full band EP

Originally a one man (James Brown) project Mutes has beefed up considerably recently and they’re now a mighty four piece. There’s still that dreamy Mutes sound at the heart of most of the tracks on brand new EP, Starvation Age, but there’s more of a post punky feel to the title track that’s genetically engineered to go down a storm live.  At the opposite end of the spectrum you’ve got the delightfully named Kissing Trees, whose Durutti Column meets Eno’s Another Green World vibe is the sonic equivalent of a hug on a picnic blanket on a warm summer’s afternoon. Blissful.

Starvation Age is available on limited edition – just 50 copies – cassette via One Note Forever right here and you can catch the band L to the I to the V to the E at The Flapper this Friday June 26th for a mere £3.   

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